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Cacti bloom 

Pygmy Palm Flowers

Library window

During my recent trip to the Mustang Library in Scottsdale, I sat reading a book next to this large window. It felt so refreshing as though I was outside, sitting in nature, browsing through a good book.

Instead of the good old damp and dark library scenario represented in movies, in reality, most of my favorite libraries are modern and architecturally unique,but the feeling of being out instead of inside a room has always been the common factor.


A cup of coffee 

A cup of coffee is the necessary drug for everyday. It’s the wake up and go factor as well as the lets do this thing for me. I love a cup of black coffee.

Fruit and Butterflies 

A bowl of fruit and butterflies. A bowl of apple slices with Blue Morpho Butterflies. 


Spring bloom

Arizona Sparklett flower is one beautiful spring bloom.



Salt lamp

I love it that my Himalayan salt lamp looks like a lump of molten lava. 


Root vegetables 

Root vegetables 

Golden beetroot and carrot.  

Prehistoric beachfront memory jar

This is my fun idea of prehistoric beachfront memory jar. 

To represent the sea, I have used glass pebbles of various blue and some green. A couple of seashells I collected from my visit to the east coast and a pair of miniature dinosaurs I have been carri g around for the past 12 years. 

It’s a wonderful way of making a memory jar.


Juicing vegetables and fruits is fascinating. It doesn’t replace regular food intake. Nutrients rich drink. A supplement.



Cactus flowers

Purple Cactui have yellow flowers! Who knew? Well I didn’t, but now I do.

The beautiful color compliment is fascinating.


Boxwood plant

Our boxwood plant is flowering.




Here are some beautiful stripped roses I spotted at Home Depot. It quite recently I am rediscovering my liking to roses.

So without further ado, here are some pretty stripped roses.



Butterfly in a hibiscus flower

One of the most beautiful sight is a butterfly hovering over a hibiscus flower.