Jeets Photography®™ is more than just a website presenting Photographer Sabinajeet's (a.k.a Jeets) photography skills. Its her perspective, her point of view of people, places, things, and her surrounding. It is a representation of Jeets' experiences and outlook towards life.

Butterfly in a hibiscus flower

One of the most beautiful sight is a butterfly hovering over a hibiscus flower.

Atlas moth 

 One of the larger variety of moths, this is the atlas moth.



Bougainvilleas are uniquely beautiful. Desert temperatures as well as hard, arid land benefits them.

White Bougainvillea

 Orange Bougainvillea

Duo tone bougainvillea ❤️

 Pink bougainvillea

Pots n planter

My rose plant waits to be potted while Bougainville petals collect around.


Pink roses

Pink roses in bloom
Beautiful pink rose buds ready to greet the world.  

Cacti Blossoms 

This is my first time seeing cacti blossoms. The colors vary from yellow to orange to pink to red.


Red roses

Red roses

Same red roses , just different point of views. This is the Don Juan variety of red roses which thrive in the desert heat. Just remember to water them. This variety of red roses are very fragrant as well.




Rosemary Plant

Rosemary plant in bloom.  
Love the spring blooms on the Rosemarys. This is a creeper variety Rosemary. The light blue flowers are tiny and beautiful.

Spring, Cherry Blossoms

Jeets Photography - Black Stilettos with cherry blossoms.

Black Stilettos with cherry blossoms.

Sabzi Mandi, a typical market in India

Sabzi Mandi

In India, a fresh produce market is called Sabzi Mandi in the native language Hindi. Although with developing and westernizing time, Sabzi Mandis or literally Vegetable Markets, although these markets all variety of fresh produce, are still widely the choice to shop for the local crowd.
Sabzi Mandi is a market space where one will find vegetable sellers, fruit seller , florist, fish mongers , and even butchers, all in one space. Some markets also have special snack stands, where one can taste special street foods like Pani poori, bhel and such.

Pani Poori stall at the Sabzi Mandi (Market)

Pani Poori stall at the Sabzi Mandi (Market)

Sabzi Mandi or The Market with fresh produce.

Sabzi Mandi or The Market with fresh produce.

2 Essential Cooking Oils in my kitchen

Two oils I most often use in cooking


Right to left: Extra Virgin Olive oil and Mustard Oil

Jeets-Photography-oil-jars-2 Jeets-Photography-oil-jars-Collage

My Favorite Minions

Despicable me series has been one of my favorite movie series. All because of the MINIONS! Yes I am a Minions fan. I love them. They are my most favorite characters. Minions are cute, smart, very efficient, have their own language, and yellow. Here is my tribute to them:


Minion Carl


minion Bob


minion Kevin


Minion Steve


My minions and the camera

Not to forget the Purple Minion. It was truly Minions gone bad!

Not to forget the Purple Minion. It was truly Minions gone bad!

Silver Spoon

Silver spoons are considered auspicious. Traditionally, it was gifted to babies during their christening. Silver Spoons are supposed to bring abundance and prosperity.
The saying,”born with a silver spoon” is a very common phrase. It means the person is very lucky and life is easy for them.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Jeets-Photography-Silver-Spoon-2 Jeets-Photography-Silver-Spoon-3 Jeets-Photography-Silver-Spoon-4