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Pygmy Palm Flowers

Cacti Blossoms 

This is my first time seeing cacti blossoms. The colors vary from yellow to orange to pink to red.


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Moon Rising over Wasatch Mountains

Moon rising over Wasatch Mountains

It’s a beautiful sight watching a full moon rising over the Wasatch Mountain ranges in Salt Lake City, Utah.
One of the best spots to see this is the State Capitol Building. This location gives the viewer a full view of the majestic Wasatch Mountains on the east as well as the Great Salt Lake on the west. No matter which season, Wasatch Mountains always look appealing.

Moon rising over Wasatch mountain range

Moon rising over Wasatch mountains

Morning path

The right path in the morning will always set up your day for success. 


Cactus at Dawn

I spotted a bird sitting on top of a cactus at dawn .

Summer solstice sunset

Summer Solstice Sunset

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Spring Memories – 2010 spring – part 1

2010 Spring in West valley city Utah

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Spring memory

Seaside memory- Island beach state park New Jersey

Island beach state park in the state of New Jersey is beautiful. The waves lapping on the shoreline and seagulls squawking. It’s a wonderful seaside memory of mine

Natural bridges state beach

Santa Cruz, CA has one of the most romantic beaches I have recently been to.


The perfect golden hour light at the right location