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Cacti bloom 

Fruit and Butterflies 

A bowl of fruit and butterflies. A bowl of apple slices with Blue Morpho Butterflies. 


Spring bloom

Arizona Sparklett flower is one beautiful spring bloom.



Cactus flowers

Purple Cactui have yellow flowers! Who knew? Well I didn’t, but now I do.

The beautiful color compliment is fascinating.



Here are some beautiful stripped roses I spotted at Home Depot. It quite recently I am rediscovering my liking to roses.

So without further ado, here are some pretty stripped roses.


Butterfly in a hibiscus flower

One of the most beautiful sight is a butterfly hovering over a hibiscus flower.

Atlas moth 

 One of the larger variety of moths, this is the atlas moth.



Bougainvilleas are uniquely beautiful. Desert temperatures as well as hard, arid land benefits them.

White Bougainvillea

 Orange Bougainvillea

Duo tone bougainvillea ❤️

 Pink bougainvillea

Pots n planter

My rose plant waits to be potted while Bougainville petals collect around.


Pink roses

Pink roses in bloom
Beautiful pink rose buds ready to greet the world.  

Cacti Blossoms 

This is my first time seeing cacti blossoms. The colors vary from yellow to orange to pink to red.


Red roses

Red roses

Same red roses , just different point of views. This is the Don Juan variety of red roses which thrive in the desert heat. Just remember to water them. This variety of red roses are very fragrant as well.

Rosemary Plant

Rosemary plant in bloom.  
Love the spring blooms on the Rosemarys. This is a creeper variety Rosemary. The light blue flowers are tiny and beautiful.

Blue Morpho butterfly

Today was my first trip to Butterfly Wonderland, in Scottsdale Arizona.

It was a wonderful and fascinating experience exploring America’s largest butterfly conservatory. From learning the simple differences between moths and butterflies to seeing and photographing numerous variety of these winged wonder, I have fallen in love with the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

As these butterflies fluttered past me, they looked like turquoise and blue sapphire gems fly by. I guess they felt the attraction I felt for them as one butterfly landed right on my camera and a little while later another Butterfly on my t-shirt. It was simply wonderful.


Blue morpho butterfly. Its iridescent jewel toned wings are extraordinarily beautiful.


Hello Blue Morpho Butterfly Selfie.