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Fruit and Butterflies 

A bowl of fruit and butterflies. A bowl of apple slices with Blue Morpho Butterflies. 


Butterfly in a hibiscus flower

One of the most beautiful sight is a butterfly hovering over a hibiscus flower.

Blue Morpho butterfly

Today was my first trip to Butterfly Wonderland, in Scottsdale Arizona.

It was a wonderful and fascinating experience exploring America’s largest butterfly conservatory. From learning the simple differences between moths and butterflies to seeing and photographing numerous variety of these winged wonder, I have fallen in love with the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

As these butterflies fluttered past me, they looked like turquoise and blue sapphire gems fly by. I guess they felt the attraction I felt for them as one butterfly landed right on my camera and a little while later another Butterfly on my t-shirt. It was simply wonderful.


Blue morpho butterfly. Its iridescent jewel toned wings are extraordinarily beautiful.


Hello Blue Morpho Butterfly Selfie.